Sunday, February 3, 2008

Flat Out

It's a Dog's life !!!!
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Hi there Family, just a few wee pictures of happenings in the past week or so.

Michaela has Pesto's full attention.
Can you spot Hanneke training Tabby?
Kate was getting hungry, apparently the more bibs that you put on, the more food that you get.

We had a lovely day yesterday watching the jet boats and hydroplanes on the Whanganui River. At first the girls were pretty upset with the noise, but they calmed down. Nothing like a bit of flooding therapy. Michaela starts in Room 2 tomorrow and is very excited. Hopefully we will have some school picks for you soon.

We are meeting with the Specialist on Tuesday, so Lord willing we will have a Caesar Date then. At this stage we are looking at Friday a week, but we shall see.

The Lord's Blessing to you all, and we hope that you have a good week.

Albert, Hanneke, the Ladies in training and .....
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