Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who needs toys?

I bought some big boxes back with me when I went grocery shopping! What a treat, in fact the older girls were upset that I didn't bring them back a box each. Surprisingly the boxes lasted quite a while and underwent a lot of transformations, from houses for pony's, dolly's and fav soft toys to vehicles and then lastly being cut up for various objects! All for free, what more could you ask for?

Kate, pony and her box

Zara, pony and her box
Two sisters with their ponies and boxes.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mama's big helper!

Zara's helping me wash dishes! What a big helper, she 'washed' the dishes, herself, the sink, floor, clothes etc!

Notice the washing of clothing! Good thing, I've got spare clothes for Zara!

A big 'I'm getting my way' smile!
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Encouraging Audience!

Here is a selection of Kate's Animals. Before Kate left for Kindy that day, she told me that her 'animals' were going to watch Mama work today! So from left to right here are Kate's Animals: mummy Doggie, Tiger, Cocoa (Roly from the toilet paper), Lumpy (who's real owner is Zara who has rejected her and so now is living on a semi-permanent status with Kate) and baby doggie (a little version of mummy doggie). Am I not blessed to have such a special audience to watch me do my housework? (oh and for the record, I did 'feed' them playdough for morning tea which they didn't touch, I wonder why? don't they like my cooking?)
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Mainly Music Father's Day

Kate, Zara and I go to an awesome mainly music. They organise a Father's day fish and chip night every year but we haven't been able to make it for various reasons in the past and so this year we were able to make it! What a fun night we had. Albert had the opportunity to participate in the music session. It was so much fun seeing the dads participate, good on you! Kate and Zara enjoyed them selves as well. We finished the night with fish and chips and dessert for the adults which was very yummy as always! In fact Albert reckons that the only reason I go to mm is because of the excellent baking! Who can blame me?
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Monday, September 27, 2010


Here are some pictures of my dog! (Notice it is my dog, not Alberts, he owns the cat or to be political correct, the cat owns him!)

Isn't she pretty? Well I'm pretty biased.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guess Who?

Can you guess which girl is which? One clue, only three photo's and four girls!


Ok, here are the answers! 1 - Kate, 2-Zara, 3-Grace
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Michaela's Bible Quiz

Michaela represented together with 3 others in a bible quiz competition. This was held in Palmerston North at a Christian high school. Six Christian schools participated in the Arts and Anwers day. A fun day for all.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grace's PrEP Day

Here are some photo's of Grace's PrEP day. The Junior classes run a business as a class and so sold several different things. Grace's class sold hamburgers, iceblocks and paperbags. Apparently Room 2 has always done hamburgers and they are extremely popular. When Michaela was in Room 2 selling hamburgers they sold out without about 20 minutes and so having this inside knowledge I was one of the first parents in the line. Albert couldn't make the start and so I saved a burger for him. All of this was quite a feat as the weather was horrible. Next I bought a bag that Grace had made for each of the grandparents and finally I bought Kate and Zara an iceblock each! Brrr I would pass on an iceblock in stormy weather!

A selection of the bags that the kids made. (with help ofcourse :))
Kate and Zara eating their cold iceblocks! Grace was selling the iceblocks, I have it from a reputuable source (ie class teacher) that she ate quite a few herself (paid for ofcourse with her own hard earned money).

The hamburger chain! The class had an outing to Mc.Donalds. to find out how they make hamburgers, to find out about hygiene (hence the hats and gloves) and to observe a real hamburger chain!
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Michaela's 'Crafty Cards' PrEP day

Here are some photo's of Michaela's stall on Market day of PrEP. Michaela was an employee in the business called 'Crafty Cards'. The business had been making cards for about 5 weeks and now it was time to sell them! Unfortunaly for the school the market day was very miserable (that's probably an understatement, wind, rain, cold etc) but dedicated people (ie parents, grandparents, friends) still made it to school to help make a profit for the businesses! Ofcourse as a parent you are obliged to buy your children's products! :). So if you receive a handmade card from me, guess where it came from?

A selection of cards
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Grace in the Cross Country Race

Grace was chosen to represent the school in her age group in the cross country event run by local schools.

Here she is at the finish line! She came last but she done her very best! Well done Grace, we're proud of you!!
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